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Students Kansanga Senior Secondary School informed

“We need four volunteers. Who want to come up?” Immediately several students raised their hands. Three girls and a boy are standing in front of the classroom. The three girls are getting a pen, a bottle of water and a phone in their hands. The boy gets nothing. “What is the value of these products?”
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Everlight in Kampala

Most of the students from Everlight College, in one of the outskirts of Kampala, are gathered in the school hall. The headmistress requests one of the students to come up and to welcome us officialy. After her words we can start the presentation. We give them information about how traffickers look like, how you can
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Drama to raise awareness

Drama: a creative way to highlight human trafficking. In cooperation with 15 students of 11th grade of Heritage International School, we have performed a drama at Refuge and Hope International School, a school for refugees, in Kampala. A multi-culture group of men and women, boys and girls from e.g. Congo, Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan and South-Sudan
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Porn: Human trafficking on your finger tips

You can take away the demand of human trafficking. You can empty the pockets of the pimps. You can safe Anna and other victims of human trafficking Watch here how! (in cooperation with Trafficking at your finger tips

Many students reached in the slum

Awareness raising at St. Janan Luwum S.S. Over 600 students of St. Janan Luwum Secondary School are reached with our message about human trafficking, deep in the slum of Kabalagala in Kampala. After a warm welcome by the Career Master of the school and the installation of our PowerPoint presentation we informed the youngsters about
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Awareness at St. John Baptist Primary School

We went to St. John Baptist Primery School in the slum area of Kabalagala in Kampala. We met 15 Primary teachers.  We introduced our meeting with a questionnaire with a few questions about their current knowledge of human trafficking, which each one of the teachers had to fill. Most of the teachers didn’t have a
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10 Tips for dads of daughters

This world holds a lot of dangers for our daughters; trafficking and other violence against females, media sexualisation of girls, pornography. But over-protection doesn’t work, it even tells your daughter that you don’t trust her! Here are some tips to make your daughter Strong, Smart and Bold.     10 Tips for Dads of Daughters
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Increase of cases of human trafficking in Uganda.

The government is to deregister labour-exporting firms cited in cases of exploitation and torture by Ugandans recruited to work abroad.The head of the Police Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, Moses Binoga, disclosed that the move follows an increase in cases of human trafficking    There are 31 firms licensed by the ministry of gender, labour and social development,
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10 ways to talk to your kid about sexual abuse

The idea of talking to your kid about sexual abuse probably seems worse than even talking to them about sex. But given the statistics, your child is much more likely to be molested than to be hit by a car when crossing the street. So try thinking of these conversations as being just as important
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Kujaliana Coalition joins WE CAN network

Kujaliana Coaltion has joined the global WE CAN network in Uganda. As a changemaker we are committed to change attitudes and behaviours to end all violence against women. Do you agree that violence against women has to end? Do you want to take action? Join the WE CAN network too and become a changemaker today! Together we
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