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Drama to raise awareness

Drama: a creative way to highlight human trafficking. In cooperation with 15 students of 11th grade of Heritage International School, we have performed a drama at Refuge and Hope International School, a school for refugees, in Kampala. A multi-culture group of men and women, boys and girls from e.g. Congo, Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan and South-Sudan etc. Refugees are a vulnerable group for traffickers. We were very grateful; we received a warm welcome from this school.


We have written a script about a girl that is pinched in the chains of human trafficking. Finally freed, she is using her talents to serve other people. This piece of drama is without words, only acting on music. This is very suitable for our target group, which uses English as a second language.

DSC05136                                                                           DSC05148

After the drama and a short presentation, the ‘refugee students’ went to their class rooms. The students of Heritage have answered all their questions about human trafficking in their classes, under our supervision. On this day we have reached around 300 students and we were able to answer their questions personally. This ‘mission trip’ was a valuable day for the students of Heritage. The director of ‘Refuge and Hope’ heard from several of their students that they want to know more, because they recognize the situation of human trafficking personally. We have promised to come back to the school to stay in touch with the students and to advise them in their situation.

DSC05141                                                                                    DSC05139