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What we do

Our main objective is to counter human trafficking in Uganda by working on prevention of the vulnerable children and women through awareness raising, data registration, strengthening the anti- human trafficking network and lobbying and advocacy.

Awareness-raising to various target groups

We raise awareness in the capital Kampala and in smaller towns and villages whose population are at particular risk, like border towns (migrants) and internally displaced persons (IDPs). We raise awareness in the secondary schools and universities in Kampala as well as the churches and mosques. We provide information about the risks, signals and methods of human trafficking and how each one can protect themselves against trafficking. Thereafter we will focus on towns in the border areas with Congo. Where there are major signals that many girls and young women are trafficked over the border. Then, we will continue in the north of Uganda, where still after war problems such as trafficking are present. Followed by Eastern Uganda, where the poverty rate is still high, knowing that poverty is one of the main reasons to fall into the trap of trafficking.

We do awareness raising campaigns through local media: national radio and TV station and local radio stations, national and local newspapers to address the need to reduce all forms of trafficking. We believe that prevention is one of the main tools in the fight against trafficking in human beings.

We increase awareness about trafficking among immigration authorities and consular and diplomatic personnel so that they use this knowledge in their daily contacts with potential victims and we increase awareness to other relevant target groups, including policy makers, law enforcement officers and other relevant professionals such as medical and social services and employment officials.

Call centre

We use our Kujaliana –telephone ‘hotline’ as a source of advice and guidance to potential victims who may be considering job opportunities or other offers to go abroad. This acts as a first point of contact providing access to a referral mechanism for victims of human trafficking and, furthermore, to facilitate the anonymous reporting of cases or suspected cases of human trafficking.

Network against human trafficking

We broaden and strengthen the network to eradicate human trafficking by cooperating with local churches, local schools and universities and other partner organisations, like local NGO’s and governmental organisations.


We collect data related to victims of trafficking and do research and make analyses of subjects such as the character and scale of victims of human trafficking and exploitation mechanisms, in order to develop effective and well-targeted prevention measures on trafficking in human beings. Registration makes it possible to lobby at governmental level in order to influence policy making on prevention, protection and prosecution of human trafficking.

Emergency fund

We assist girls and women who are victims of human trafficking to direct them to our network partners in voluntary repatriation to the country of origin, medical and psychological assistance, housing and reintegration.