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What you can do

There are as many ways to get involved with Kujaliana Coalition as there are unique people and talents. What you’ll find below is just a sampling.

Convey the message

The more people know about the work of Kujaliana Coalition in Uganda, the more options will be available to girls and women who are vulnerable to be trapped in desperate circumstances. Together, we can change their reality. Talk to your family and friends, colleagues and fellow students about us, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and share our tweets with your followers, write about us on your blog and in forums you participate in. In short, just spread the word however it works for you.

Pray with us

Prayer is pivotal and essential. Prayer is meant to line us up in His will and with His empowerment. Without His endorsement and His blessings we labour in vain. We pray with a simple reliance upon His power and a focus on His glory. We need your prayer, for more we call on Him, the more we will receive from Him. Remember, with Christ everything is possible. (Phil. 4:1a)


Individual donations

Do you share Kujaliana Coalition’s vision and determination? Do you wish to join a growing network of women and men who want girls and women in Uganda to live a life with dignity and freedom?

If you do, you can make a real, tangible difference by giving Kujaliana Coalition your financial support. On this page you’ll find out how to become a supporter of Kujaliana Coalition. Together we can change the world!

Make a donation:

Donate per month and you are a supporter of Kujaliana Coalition. Basically we ask everyone to donate for at least three years. We do this not for nothing; the prevention work of Kujaliana Coalition should lead to the desired results, so it is necessary to receive sustainable support. Of course you can choose to donate for a shorter period of time.


Business donations

Interested in helping? There are as many ways to contribute as there are unique businesses, industries and organisations. With your company you can change lives, regardless of the size or type of business you run. No matter what you do, no matter how big or small your organisation or business is, you can help us prevent young victims to fall into the trap of human trafficking. We would be delighted to discuss our proposal with you in more detail and the significant benefits your involvement would make.

Below are some ideas:

  1. One-time donation
    With a donation to Kujaliana Coalition – for example on the occasion of an anniversary, company party or event – provides your organization an important contribution to the prevention work of Kujaliana Coalition. You can use our donation form, but you can also transfer an amount to the account of Stichting Oeganda Tegen Mensenhandel, accountnumber  8267932 (ING) in Middelburg in The Netherlands, stating ‘gift’.
  2. Charity Doubling Plan
    You can offer your employees an extra boost to become a supporter of Kujaliana Coalition. How? By doubling the donation of every employee in your company. Employees who want to let their donation to Kujaliana Coalition being doubled they can use the Donation Doubling Form. After Kujaliana Coalition has received this form and the gift, we send you a notification. You can collect these notifications and once a month or quarter a year you can transfer the doubled amount to Kujaliana Coalition.
  3. Wage Donations
    In the context of “many little ones make again a big” you can ask your employees to save a part of their monthly salary (eg € 5, -) for Kujaliana Coalition. As an incentive, you can thereafter complement the total amount to a certain level. Every moment that your employees are surprised with something extra, it is a good time to encourage them to make an (extra) gift. Bonuses, holiday pay, Christmas bonuses, one moment are easily found.

Organise an activity

Whether it’s an exclusive wine and cheese party, a sponsor walk or an apple pie baking competition, hosting a social event for Kujaliana Coalition allows you to raise support and awareness simultaneously as you publicize the event and publicly thank your guests. Adding raffles, auctions and other fundraising opportunities to an event can add to their success and draw more guests. It’s your event, so fundraising goals, pricing, location, etc. is entirely up to you. Anyway, ask at least for promotion material through

Share a good idea

Do you have other ideas? Contact us and let us know how