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About us

Founding story

We know human trafficking is from all ages. We learned at school about slave trade from the South to the North, we listened with an open mouth to those terrible stories. Through our life in Uganda and work in Netherlands we learned that the slavery has not stopped. Underpaid jobs, child exploitation, forced labour, sexual exploitation, it is real. It is modern slavery.

After getting into the topic more and more, we came to know that the estimated number of slaves in the world of today is 20 to 30 million. This struck us and we became aware of the specifics that we hadn’t encounter before: the vast number of young people pushed or forced into slave labour or the commercial sex trade each year, the fact that the average age of entry into prostitution is just 11, and the extreme psychological consequences these victims suffer. Suicide attempts, PTSD and a general sense of hopelessness are common to these vulnerable children, young women and men, and they rarely have the opportunity to grow into their potential.

After being hit by the painful reality in which all the victims of exploitation are chained, we realized that, this is not the life God meant us to live. We started to understand that, God has given us the opportunity to serve His people. In the gospel according to Mathew, Jesus stated that, I assure you, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters; you are doing it to me (Matt. 25:40)

We know that human trafficking is worldwide and no country is excluded. Also Uganda is a country where girls and young women are lured into false promises. Poverty, which is still not eradicated, makes people helpless and easy for them to fall into the trap of all types of exploitation. We have seen that human trafficking is an existing problem in the country, which comes out of silence. But still a lot is to be done. We are committed to be part of countering human trafficking in Uganda.


Our Mission

We are dreaming of Uganda in which the human rights and dignity of girls and women are respected. We wish that all Ugandan girls and women know their rights and are aware of the dangers of human trafficking in order to prevent themselves from being a victim of human trafficking.

Kujaliana is a Swahili word which means taking care of each other or to pay attention to one another. We believe that God has given us different talents to use them in taking care of those who are vulnerable in our societies.

We are a trustworthy organisation with a heart and practical hands for possible victims of human trafficking and we will be committed to our objectives. We are guided by quality knowledge and experience and value cooperation with our local communities, government, NGOs and the support of our financial partners.

“We want help exploited girls and women to give them an independent future for themselves”

“We have the ambition that every girl and every woman has a chance to make her dreams come true”