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Students Kansanga Senior Secondary School informed

“We need four volunteers. Who want to come up?” Immediately several students raised their hands. Three girls and a boy are standing in front of the classroom. The three girls are getting a pen, a bottle of water and a phone in their hands. The boy gets nothing. “What is the value of these products?” Different amounts are called. When we ask the last question, some students start to laugh. “What is the value of this boy?”

Eight different classes from Kansanga Senior Secondary School, in the outskirts of Kampala, are educated about human trafficking by Kujaliana Coalition. The message is clear: people are not supposed to be sold or to be bought. People are invaluable.

Interaction is important during these presentations. “What do you already know about human trafficking?” and “How can you protect yourself against human trafficking?” are questions, the students are being asked. Some already know quite a lot about the subject, others seem not to have heard about it.

A few days ago an article about human trafficking appeared on the front page of a national newspaper: 14 children were rescued from human traffickers. A pastor and a head master had been arrested. The fact that people you think you can trust can be traffickers, is something that causes rumour in the classroom. “How are we supposed to know if someone is trustworthy?” A difficult question. We try to explain that real agencies and organizations are always registered. We advise to do research if someone offers you something that sounds too good to be true and not to become dependent on others.

Last week we gave our last presentation. All the students from Kansanga Senior Secondary School are now reached with our message.

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